Mini buttermilk chicken burgers, grated cheese, mayonnaise, skinny chips

Doner kebab meat on skinny chips, kebab sauce

Taco beef with skinny chips

Chicken gyro skewer, garlic sauce, skinny chips

Toasted wraps – smoked chicken and bacon, pulled ham and brie, cheese and tomato with basil

Meatballs, tomato sauce, skinny chips, grated cheese

Toasted ham and cheese paninis

Salt and chilli chicken, skinny chips

Honey and hoisin duck rolls, skinny chips

Battered fish with skinny chips

Chicken goujons and skinny chips

Mini sirloin burgers, with rocket, and tomato relish, skinny chips

Frank’s hot sauce chicken fillet bites, skinny chips

Toasted soda with crispy bacon and sausage, skinny chips

Pulled BBQ pork brioche bap, skinny chips

Cheese, tomato, pepperoni ciabatta pizzas

Smoky BBQ chicken fillet bites, skinny chips

Yorkshire pudding, pulled BBQ beef

Nachos with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, grated cheese

Bacon and cheese fries with garlic mayo

Potato wedges loaded with creamy chicken, mushroom, and leek

Jerk chicken sliders with mango and tomato chutney

Chicken tikka, pilau rice, mini naan bread

Chinese-style chicken curry with boiled rice